Accounting & Taxes


Our focus at Triad HelpDesk is to get the most useful information for managing their small business and most of our clients start with TWO simple questions.

How much money am I making?

How much taxes will I need to pay!?

With that in mind, we will set up your books to track all revenues and expenses in as much detail as you desire and more importantly, get your CASH balanced and keep it that way!!!

If you have been using QuickBooks or a similar software for a while already, you probably have a list of questions and we can work our way through those, looking at your current setup and make suggestions and changes to fit your needs.

We work with our clients after the initial training as desired, some have us come every month or quarter to reconcile their bank account using our QuickBooks_HelpDesk package. Others just once a year to get everything ready to file their tax return.

We can work with you to make any final corrections, and help to file your business and personal tax returns.


If you have a very basic individual tax return with just W2 form(s) and standard deduction our charge is $150.

Most of our individual tax clients have a bit more complexity in their tax return including itemized deductions and tax credits, etc. We have a flat rate price of $295 to prepare and file your Federal and state tax return.

If you have a small business where we need to file taxes for that entity on your personal return (Schedule C) as well, our flat rate price is $495 including the business on the personal return(s).

Finally, if your small business is filing a Partnership (1065) return or as a corporation (1120 or S-corp 1120s) where we need to file taxes for that entity and create K-1s that will flow through to your personal return, our flat rate price is $495 for that business tax return.

You can email me at if you want more information or just call or text me at 336.314.9771 to set up a time to look at your books.

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