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Our primary focus at Triad HelpDesk is allowing small business owners to fully utilize their QuickBooks software. We offer QuickBooks Training classes in our office and can also come to your site and work with you 1 on 1. The cost for the training is a flat rate of $295 and includes a full month of UNLIMITED Quickbooks support!

If you want to use Quickbooks Desktop on multiple computers, we can setup a reliable and manageable network to allow you to not only share the information in Quickbooks, but Microsoft Office documents, printers and internet access.

QuickBooks Enterprise

Solutions for Growing Small & Mid-sized Businesses

If you think your company has “outgrown” Quickbooks, think again? Quickbooks Enterprise edition can handle from 5 to 30 simultaneous users, 1,000,000 or more inventory items and all of this for a fraction of the cost of those OTHER multi-user systems. Quickbooks Enterprise Solution is only a few thousand for a 5 user license, compare that to $20-60,000 with those other guys!

For those needing to interface with their CRM package or engaging in EDI transactions, we can add those abilities as well as other custom options. Quickbooks also features industry specific solutions for Contractors, Manufacturers, Non-Profits, Professional Services, Retailers, Wholesalers / Distributors and more!


QuickBooks_HelpDesk is our support package for those who want some help keeping their checking account balanced and ongoing support with QuickBooks.

This package start as low as $295 per month includes a MONTHLY Reconciliation of your Bank Account and UN-LIMITED support for the interim questions or issues!!!

We will also review the current financials to locate any transactions that may need to be reclassified for tax purposes. This should allow you to answer the age old question, "How much money am I making and how much will I have to pay in taxes?"

Combine QuickBooks_HelpDesk with our PC support package for a discounted bundle, $375 per month, that will also keep your computers updated, virus scanning software up to date and handle any “computer crashes or issues” as needed.

We want to become yourHelpDesk!!!

Large corporations have this luxury already, they simply dial the HELP DESK and let them take over, we believe that small businesses can afford this too!

Triad HelpDesk QuickBooks Training PC Support

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