Mac Support & QBooks for Mac


Yes, we support MACs as needed!! We realize there is a growing population that has discovered MACs and are running their small business on that platform. If you are switching from PC to MAC we can help set up your network and file sharing and move your QuickBooks data from the PC product to MAC version!

As you can imagine this is not a huge portion of our customer base, and we are not working on MACs on a daily basis. But we will step in and support your hardware and software just like our PC clients!!!

As a small business owner, are you spending your day getting new clients, sales or are you spending your day troubleshooting & fixing your own MAC, Software & Network issues to "save money?"

Which is ultimately more profitable, spending 1/2 a day fixing your computer, or instead spending that day bringing in more business that will pay for the repair several times over???

We would like the chance to EARN your business, to become your technology partner, we will treat your business as if it is our own. Our business model is simple, if we do a good job, for a fair price, we cannot help but to succeed!


Triad Help Desk offers a couple alternatives, the first of which is to simply give us a call when something stops working. Just like your plumber, mechanic and air conditioning guy, we charge by the service call and would love to help! Yes, I can replace the water pump on my car, but my mechanic has the right tools and training and thus fixes it MUCH faster!


Another alternative is to simply outsource your computer needs and let us become YOUR HelpDesk! We offer a variety of fixed payment contracts where you do not have to watch the clock and can concentrate on doing what you do best.

Our MAC HelpDesk packages start as low as $95 per month for UN-LIMITED support for offices with 2 computers and just $25 extra per computer per month!!!!! We will keep all computers updated, virus scanning software up to date and handle any “computer crashes or issues” as needed.

Large corporations have this luxury already, they simply dial the HELP DESK and let them take over, we believe that small businesses can afford this too!


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